Sunny Sunday

  • 17.07.2017, 23:35


Last weekend was such a wonderful weekend. I had the weekend off and I got to spend it with my family, on Saturday my mom my sister and I had a girls day-shopping day- then we went to this beautiful  restaurant on the rooftop where we spent like 20 minutes on deciding what to get to eat lol and when the food finally got there we noticed that we all had ordered the same. Later we went for a walk by the beach and stayed there for an or or so, it was beautiful because people were out on their boats, lots of people by the beach, i loveeee it how cozy the sunny days make the summer, then later on we were with a couple family friends, just at home, it was such a beautiful sunny day until I decided to go outside again and get tanned also go for a swim, thatīs when the weather decided to be mean to me and got chilly so I had to enjoy the view from the inside lol. On Sunday we celebrated my dadīs birthdaaaayyyyy and as usual I always have to bake too and luckily the entire family loooove my apple pies. Not sure if theyīre just saying it so that they donīt have to bake it or if they really think I bake the best apple pies, but they usually eat the whole cake I barely get to taste it as itīs not gluten free :(

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and wish you all an amazing week.

xoxo Krisi


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