Happy Autumn

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You guys know I loveeee and I am obsessed with anything and everything that has to do with the 70s and unfortunately I wasn´t born anywhere near the 70s, from time to time I like to dress in "typical" 70s style. I love all four seasons of the year, especially autumn when the leaves fall from the trees and the nature seems so beautiful with mixed colors from brown to green to orange etc. I had a wonderful day today, after work, my friend and I went for a long walk and had a mini picnic in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the beautiful mountains of Norway. I had a bag with other clothes on just in case I needed to change and I sure did, thanks to the rain lol but thankfuly I didn´t have to wear the jeans and shirt for too long from where I live. This weekend we plan on spending the night there with other friends just a typical night in the tent camping and I´m really looking forward to it I just hope that it wont rain this time also. I hope you guys had a wonderful day today and I wish you all a great rest of the week. I´m off to bed now, I got a long day at work tomorrow. Goodnight.. xoxo Krisi

...and you, what would you do for love?-Dior

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I´m not going anywhere tonight, I only put on my Dior make-up just to post this photo and ask you all for a huge favor. Dior is supporting the charity called WE Movement in partnership with Natalie Portman. For each post that we tag on Instagram with #DiorLoveChain or and #MissDiorForLove, Dior perfumes will be donating 1$ to the foundation, which is dedicated to develop the education of young women worldwide. On my last meeting with Dior we we´re told that this charity was actually founded by a young 12 year old boy in France in 1994 if I remember correctly, after seeing on the news how young children especially young girls being forced to work and not being able to get an education and being able to live as a normal kid. I try my best to donate as much as I can with whatever I can to charities and I will for the rest of my life try to support and do my best. If you guys do this, I swear this won´t cost you anything, you only use those two hashtags on your photos and that´s it. Dior will check the hashtags and will be donating to the charity. I wish you all a wonderful evening.

xoxo Krisi


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Livin la vida tropical :) Summer, my favorite season of the year, went by way too quick. I had a blessed and truly hope that you all did the same.

Sunny Sunday

  • 17.07.2017, 23:35


Last weekend was such a wonderful weekend. I had the weekend off and I got to spend it with my family, on Saturday my mom my sister and I had a girls day-shopping day- then we went to this beautiful  restaurant on the rooftop where we spent like 20 minutes on deciding what to get to eat lol and when the food finally got there we noticed that we all had ordered the same. Later we went for a walk by the beach and stayed there for an or or so, it was beautiful because people were out on their boats, lots of people by the beach, i loveeee it how cozy the sunny days make the summer, then later on we were with a couple family friends, just at home, it was such a beautiful sunny day until I decided to go outside again and get tanned also go for a swim, that´s when the weather decided to be mean to me and got chilly so I had to enjoy the view from the inside lol. On Sunday we celebrated my dad´s birthdaaaayyyyy and as usual I always have to bake too and luckily the entire family loooove my apple pies. Not sure if they´re just saying it so that they don´t have to bake it or if they really think I bake the best apple pies, but they usually eat the whole cake I barely get to taste it as it´s not gluten free :(

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and wish you all an amazing week.

xoxo Krisi


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Ahh I can not wait to wear this beautiesss...I´m so glad summer is here...I don´t really have a specific style, I just like to wear anything that makes me look classy, not too skinny ( hate it :( ) and comfortable. Hopefully i´ll get to wear the red-ones before my tan fades just incase the sun wont be shinning much longer this summer lol you never know with the Norwegian weather :/ Ps. If you´d like for a discount on your missguided order, just apply the discount code by writing my name, Kristina Gojnovci, on the checkout. xoxo Krisi



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I don´t know about you, but I feel pretty happy for no reason other than the beautiful warm weather we´ve been having lately. It´s such a luxury for us in Norway as it usually either rains or it snows lol. The weekend went by so fast, I got to visit some friends whom I haven´t seen in a long timeee....then it was back to reality back to work :p anyways...Yesterday evening I took a couple of selfies mainly because I´m happy with my little tan I´ve been getting lately lol so before it fades, in real life I look more tanned than it shows on the photos, but I´m happy either way lol. I´m expecting friends to come over for coffee any minute now, just wanted to blog a little and wish you guys a good evening! xoxo Krisi


  • 16.06.2017, 21:25


I know, I know I´ve been lazy blogging lately, thank you sooo much for the kind messages :) I swear I´ve been really busy with work and had other errands to do. Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful weekend!!! Cheers xoxo Krisi

"Life is an adventure or nothing at all"

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This is living! This is life! If I could, this is what I would wanna be doing. Just explore, hike, go on adventures...far from everyone and everything. There´s so much more to life than just going shopping, living as close to the city as possible, taking selfies and all that none sense thing. I miss going on these kind of adventure with friends, last time we went camping was last July and I can´t wait to go hiking, camping and just enjoying being out in the nature again on a long weekend. I love the nature we have in Norway, there are so many "hidden" places that not many people get to visit which are incredible. I can´t wait till the day I get to explore the mountains, the nature in other countries as well, mostly in Asia and South America, buuut I´ve always wanted to visit the mountains in Arizona as well :) #DayDreaming lol. I wish you all a wonderful weekend. xoxo Krisi


sunny sunny sunny

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What a´s only Thursday and I´ve done so much in four days. I´m so happy the weather has finally good to us in Norway lol no matter how long you live in this country, you´ll never get used to the rain pretty much every other day if not every day. After work I´ve met with a lot of friends, went out for long walks in the mountains an hr from where I live, then the next day I spent the entire after noon  picnic by the beach with a beautiful friend of mine, then just as I had gotten home an other friend called so we went to this beautiful spot on top of a building with a beautiful balcony we spent the entire evening there the sun was still shining even till after 10 pm. Other than I got a bit sunburned which btw I´m not complaining at all :p I`ve had a wonderful week so far. I wish you all a great evening and a splendid rest of the week. xoxo Krisi

The nature in this city is breathtaking

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Happy Constituion Day, my beautiful Norway

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 Håper dere  har hatt en fin og god 17 Mai feiring🇳🇴

The beauty of spring

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I´m so proud that this country is knows for it´s nature. It´s absolutely breathtaking going for long walks in the evening either it´s by the beach, in the city or even in the mountains. I´ve lived in many countries before, in big cities, but honestly I´ve always moved back home because of the lifestyle in Norway. I`m more of a small city/village kind of girl rather than a London, California girl. Fortunately for us here, everything is close by. Either it´s the mountains or the city. Yesterday evening I was waiting of a friend we went out for dinner and while I was waiting for her I just went for a walk around in the city in the old town area just as always, walking down these streets it made me feel at peace and stressless. Whenever I´ve had a long and stressful week, I just like going for a long walk, turn off my phone and just forget about everything and anything.

I wish you all a splendid weekend

xoxo Krisi

Vakre sørlandet

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Vi var så heldige med været i helga, men den gleden gikk fort over etter at det begynte å regne igjen på tirsdag og det kommer vist til å regne resten av uka. Håper bare at det blir fint vær igjen til 17 Mai :) Jeg er så glad i byen min om våren/sommeren og høsten, for da ser hele byen så fin ut bortsett fra når det regner. Det gjør noe med humøret til folk når det regner alle ser så stressa og irriterte ut, ødelegger lysten til å gå på byen på cafè eller noe som helst sted etter jobb. Men når sola skinner så blir folk så blide at en får bare lyst til å være med venner og bekjente resten av dagen etter jobb.  Ønsker alle en fiiiin dag videre.

Saturday/ Sunday

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Saturday was such a stressful day from early morning till after noon, I had a couple of errands to do before I just drove back home and enjoyed the sunny weather. To make myself feel better after a long early day, I just had to order some sushi to go and enjoyed the rest of the day:) If only it was healthy to eat sushi every day, I would :)  I love this time of the year when we transition into warmer weather. I get so much happier and everything, every day feels like it goes by so fast and smoothly. I truly I hope that you´ve all had a wonderful week so far and wish a wonderful rest of the Sunday. xoxo Krisi


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I´m sooo excited for warm weather and finally to change out those heavy winter knits and coats with dresses, shorts and tops! On Friday late afternoon I went for a walk with a friend to this beautiful nature which is like less than ten minutes walk from my place. I´m such a nature person, I´m more a mountain, hiking type of person than a beach person. I loveee the calmness, the quietness in the mountains and just people walking by and are so kind to everyone going for a walk there. I wish people would be this kind in every day life. xoxo Krisi



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